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This Website contains audio lectures and written material on matters relating to the Christian Faith, the Bible, and the interface between Science and the Bible.  The site is developed and maintained by the Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute.

The Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute is a group of Christians who see a desperate need for men and women convinced of the complete reliability of the Bible who will:
     (1) get training both in Biblical studies and in some other academic discipline, and
     (2) use this training to help other Christians deal with the many areas where non-Christian teaching is so dominant today.

We believe that such trained people can be effective in removing many stumbling blocks that keep others from the Gospel.

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Dice or Deity: How Did we Get Here?

This is a series of 15 lectures that explore the scientific evidence for a divine Creator.

Questions regarding the origin of our planet, of life, its diversity and of mankind have sparked controversy for centuries, especially since the rise of Darwinian Evolution.

Today, many claim that science has proved the Bible to be outmoded, so that we need no longer follow its teachings in  morals or fear a final judgment.

Others, remaining loyal to Biblical Christianity, have become suspicious of science itself.

In this seminar, taught at the college level for college and university students, teachers, scientists, engineers, and interested laypeople, we provide evidence that much of the controversy involves overzealous interpretation of either the scientific or Biblical data, and that a real harmonization of the two is plausible.

Books about Science and the Bible



Natural Science and Faith (Chinese Edition, 2009)

by David Newquist (2002)

GEOLOGY and the Fact of an Ancient Earth


Genesis One and the Origin of the Earth,
Second Edition (2007)

by Robert C. Newman
Perry G. Phillips and Herman J. Eckelmann, Jr.
Also available as Kindle eBook.
No image available Evolution: Nature and Scripture In Conflict?
NOTE: Now available as 229-439-3627 and word documents with full-sized 541-885-6539 and Tables 

by Pattle P. T. Pun (1982)
Also available as Kindle eBook.
No image available And It Was So: The Genesis Creation Riddle

by Dallas E.Cain with Karen L. Trespacz (2003)

Genesis 1 High View
by Dallas E. Cain (2011)
Genesis Connection
(540) 720-0542
Note: Also available as a searchable pdf  (9.5 Mb)

by John Wiester (1983)
Also available as Kindle eBook.

Selected Powerpoint Presentations Relating to Science
by Robert C. Newman

The Links below access web (html) presentations.
Refer to the Powerpoint Index for brief descriptions and to access other formats,
including Powerpoint (ppt), Acrobat (pdf) and Audio (mp3)

Selected Classroom Materials on Science and the Bible.
The following material consists of classroom handouts, syllabi or other published material (in web format).

John E. Grauley  Posted July 31, 2014
          Conflict in Teamwork. Thesis on Conflict Resolution (296 pgs.)

Robert C. Newman Library,
Abstracts for Classroom Syllabi contains links to powerpoint, audio and pdf versions of the following.
Daniel E. Wonderly Memorial Library:

Allan A. MacRae Memorial Library

Tracts on Science and the Bible.

Joseph Basile (Bible Evangelism, Inc.), On Witnessing

Other Material on Science and the Bible may be found by browsing the master Contents and individual IBRI libraries.


Selected Seminary Courses and Class Syllabi
Other than Science and the Bible

The following two courses offered by J. Robert Vannoy in 2007 are complete seminiary-level courses including all lecture notes and audio:

Exodus to Exile A History of the ancient Nation of Israel.

Foundations of Biblical Prophecy An Introduction to the Old Testament Prophetic Phenomenon.

The following are full seminary-level courses by Dr. Allan A. MacRae

        Old Testament History. We deal there with the questions: Where did we get the Old Testament? Where did it come from? What is its nature? Its content? We are interested in our course here not in the history of the OT, but the history that is in the OT. Not what the historians tell us about the OT, but what does the OT tell of history. In connection with this syllabus are several side-excursions:
       Excursus on the Law   (PDF format)
       Excursus on Mesopotamin Archaeology
also available as Kindle eBooks

           Old Testament in the Life of the Believer. This is an expanded commentary on the Wilderness Journey between Egypt and the Promised Land, with application to the Christian Believer's experience in life.

Pre-Reformation Church History
Complete Audio Lectures (Faith Theological Seminary 1968)

Post-Reformation Church History
Complete Audio Lectures (Faith Theological Seminary 1968)
Complete edited Transcription of lectures (Faith Theological Seminary, 1960-61)

Topical Lectures and Commentary


You may help to improve this website by providing us with outllines or transcriptions of these audio lectures -- and by correcting or annotating the existing outlines in the lecture series. Please send any such material by e-mail to  Input to IBRI.

Old Testament Archaeology by Bryant G. Wood (1991)
This is a Seminary-Level course including 15 audio lectures and classroom notes.

Audio Commentaries of the Bible
       Sermons in Genesis by John Grauley
Leviticus by Thomas V. Taylor
Leviticus by R. Laird Harris
Deuteronomy by J. Robert Vannoy
Nehemiah by John S. Murray
Ecclesiastes by Thomas V. Taylor
Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel by Allan A. MacRae
Habakkuk by Allan A. MacRae
Mark by Robert C. Newman and Swee Hwa Quek
The Epistles of Peter by Robert C. Newman
The Revelation by Robert C. Newman
Also - See the individual Libraries.

Exegesis of Biblical Passages
The Ten Commandments by Thomas V. Taylor
Also - See the individual Libraries.

Topical Lectures (Audio)
Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage by Jay Adams
Prophecy by Gary G. Cohen
The Second Century Church by Frederick Evans
The Naturre of Apologetics by Os Guiness
Presuppositionalism by John Warwick Montgomery
The Doctrine of God by John Sanderson
Also - See the individual Libraries.

Transcribed Lectures and Printed Materials
See the individual Libraries for many additional listings.
William N. Harding,  THE CHARISMATIC MOVEMENT (1995)
William N. Harding, MAJOR CULTS
William N. Harding, THE EPISTLE OF JAMES
William N. Harding,  MESSIANIC PSALMS
Allan A. MacRae, 
Fufilled Prophecy (1965 draft transcriptions)

Refer to the Libraries for additional listings

Lecture Series and IBRI Research Reports

The Biblical Theological  Institutes (1974 to 1990) were week-long lecture series by Biblical Faculty (audio).

(937) 960-3432 (1980 to 2006) are evening lectures held about once a month by IBRI Fellows, Biblical Faculty, or invited speakers (audio).

855-429-8127 are peer-reviewed papers published by IBRI. Some of these are translated into Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

 Review of Peter Enns,  The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn't Say about Human Origins.  Grand Rapids:  Baker, 2012. By Elaine A. Phillips, Gordon College.  htm pdf doc.

Books On Line
(Also see Books on Science and the Bible, above)

No image available The Defeasible Pumpkin
By David P. Hoover (1997)
Also available as Kindle eBook.
No image available Biblical Christianity
Letters from Professor Allan A. MacRae, Ph. D (1994)
Also available as Kindle eBook
No image available The Prophecies of Daniel
By Allan A. MacRae (1991)
Also available as Kindle eBook.
No image available The GOSPEL of ISAIAH
By Allan A. MacRae (1977)
Also available as Kindle eBook.
No image available Studies in Isaiah
By Allan A. MacRae (1995)
Also available as Kindle eBook.
Old Testament History
By Allan A. MacRae (2016)
Also available as Kindle eBooks
No image available JEDP: Lectures on the Higher Criticism of the Pentateuch
By Allan A. MacRae (1991)
Also available as Kindle eBook.
No image available Biography of Raymund Lull,
First Missionary to the Moslems

by Samuel Zwemer (1902)
No image available The Moslem Doctrine of God
by Samuel Zwemer (1905)

Prophecies of the Messiah
Among the Gentiles

by Samuel Horsley (1816)
Edited and Annotated by Robert C. Newman

AstBib.gif E. Walter Maunder, The Astronomy of the Bible (Annotated) (2nd Ed., 1922) (pdf 6.6 Mb.)

Annotations by Robert C. Newman and David C. Bossard

This book is available as an Amazon ebook
John W. Murray (Jack Murray) Nehemiah: Rebuilding Physically & Spiritually

Also available as an Amazon ebook.

Nervius.gif John L. Nevius, Demon Possession (Annotated) (1892)

Annotations by Robert C. Newman.

This book is available as an Amazon ebook
No image available Our Moslem Sisters
by Samuel Zwemer  with Annie Van Sommer (1907)
No image available The Moslem World
by Samuel Zwemer (1908)
No image available Islam and Missions
by Samuel Zwemer (1911)
No image available Christianity the Final Religion
by Samuel Zwemer  (1920)

Koranische Untersuchungen (in German)
by Josef Horovitz (1926)

A Handbook of Muhammadan Traditions
by A. J. Wensinck (1927)

Mrs. Allan A. MacRae    Women's Bible Studies by Grace MacRae

Eleanor Murray Recitals
Eleanor Murray (1913-2003)
Beloved Wife of Evangelist Dr. Jack Murray

Pianist Eleanor Murray was one of America’s foremost practitioners of the full-keyboard evangelistic piano style, as well as composer of gospel songs, teacher, and choir director.  She served as partner in ministry with her husband, Dr. Jack Murray, who as head of Bible Evangelism Incorporated preached evangelistic messages throughout the United States and in other countries for over fifty years.  Dr. Murray referred to Eleanor as “the queen”, and this was certainly an appropriate image for the music she produced.  When a large crowd was ready to sing, she led out with infectious, thundering authority.  She performed worshipful, flexible interpretations of hymns and gospel songs, covered with glittering scales and arpeggios that always ended with an extra little two-note flourish that “lock-stitched” the gesture into place.  Hymns as originally printed are scored for voices only (usually soprano, alto, tenor and bass), and to sound convincing on the piano the performer must choose pianistic techniques from elsewhere to “flesh them out.”  One of Dr. Murray’s favorite stories illustrates how wide Eleanor’s musical experiences have been.  Shortly after she trusted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in the 1930’s, she came with him to church, where it became known she was an accomplished pianist.  She was invited to favor the group with a selection, and to everyone’s surprise, she played the pop tune “Stardust”.  She soon gave up secular music with life-long vehemence – however, subtle echoes of all kinds of piano music show up in her arrangements, always put to use for enhancing the mood and message of the composition.  Students of piano can marvel at these recordings drawn from her glory days, and learn much from her exquisite taste, endless imagination, and brilliantly flawless sound and technique.  Believers of all ages can bow before the Lord in worship, as the words of these songs are brought to life.

Program No. 1 (radio recordings, 1977)
  Why, There is a Balm / Nobody Knows, It is Well With My Soul / Moonlight Sonata, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Old Rugged Cross, I Believe in Miracles, Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us, Make Me a Blessing.
Program No. 2 (Christmas, 1977)
  O Holy Night, Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Angels From the Realms of Glory, Away in a Manger, Lead Kindly Light / Joy to the World, God Will Take Care of You, Jesus is Coming Again, There is a Fountain.
Program No. 3 (radio recordings, 1977)
  I Am Not Worthy, How Great Thou Art, Shepherd of Love, More Love To Thee, Just As I Am, I Know A Name, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross, Nearer Still Nearer, When They Ring Those Golden Bells / Ring the Bells of Heaven, Like a River Glorious / Ivory Palaces.
Program No. 4 (performing in Crusade)
  Overshadowed, (Unknown), When They Ring Those Golden Bells.

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Audio Lectures
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IBRI Research Reports
These reports include a broad range of topics. Many concern Science and the Bible. Some reports are available in translation into Arabic, Chinese (traditional and simplified scripts), French, German, Russian, Turkish, and Spanish.

Powerpoint Talks:

    • Da Vinci Code Powerpoint talks (2006)
16 lectures on subjects related to the Da Vinci Code. Available in powerpoint and web versions. Topics include:
- Leonardo Da Vinci
- Mary Magdalene
- Gnosticism
- The Priory of Sion
- Secret Societies
- Other Gospels.

    • Robert C. Newman Powerpoint talks
70 lectures, available in powerpoint and web versions. Topics include:
- Da Vinci Code (see also here)
- Astrology
- Astronomy
- Chariots of the Gods
- Christianity and Science
- Artificial Life
- Origin of LIfe
- Cosmos and Contact
- Creation-Evolution debate
- Creation, Science and the Bible
- Discovering God's Fingerprints
- Doing Science in a Theistic Universe
- Evidence of God
- The Biblical Firmament
- Intelligent Design
- Problems for Creation Science
- Star of Bethlehem
- The Significance of Christmas
- Form Criticism
- Heaven and Hell
- Modern English Versions of the Bible
- Mormonism
- Did Moses Write the Torah?
- Prophecy
- Why So Much Suffering?

   Dallas E. Cain, And It Was So: The Genesis Creation Riddle.

David Newquist, Natural Science and the Christian Faith.

Pattle P.T. Pun, Evolution: Nature and Scripture in Conflict?

     Daniel E. Wonderly, Neglect of Geologic Data

     Daniel E. Wonderly, God's Time-Records in Ancient Sediments.

     Samuel M. Zwemer (1867-1952)

  •Biography of Raymnd  Lull, First Missionary to the Moslems

  •The Moslem Doctrine of God

  •Our Moslem Sisters

  •The Moslem World

  •Islam and Missions

  •Christianity the Final Religion

    Origins Seminar
This is a series of 15 lectures that explore the scientific evidence for a divine Creator.
Anthological  Exegesis in the NT (2001)
The Date of Creation (2002)
The Gospel of Judas (2006)
Public Theology and Scientific Method (2002)
Public Theology and Prophecy Data (2002)
How Human Sexuality Reveals God. (1996)
The Star of Bethlehem: A Natural-Supernatural Hybrid? (2001)
Biblical Perspectives on D. Russell Humphreys's "Timothy Test" (1996)
Rejoinder To Sarfati and Humphreys's Responses (2002)

• Tidal Slowdown & Coral Growth
• Coral Reefs
• Evolution of the Auto (a parable)
• Varves: Evidence for an Old Earth
• Geocentrism
• Joshua's Long Day
• Light-Travel Time
• Nostradamus and the BIble
Lectures and Sermons
Over 800 sermons are posted.
See the index for access.

Audio Bible Commentaries

Taylor, Bible Survey (1981)
Taylor, Leviticus
Vannoy, Deuteronomy
Taylor, Ecclesiastes
MacRae, Isaiah 1-6 (1976)
MacRae, Isaiah 7-12 (1979)
MacRae, Isaiah 40-56 (1980)
MacRae, Isaiah 57-66 (1978)
MacRae, Jeremiah (1981)
MacRae, Ezekiel (1983)
MacRae, Daniel (1978)
MacRae, Habakkuk
Murray, Nehemiah (1972)
Newman, Mark
Quek, Mark
Newman,  I,II Peter
Newman, Revelation

Seminary Courses

• Dunzweiler,Lectures in Systematic Theology   (audio and syllabus)
• Dunzweiler, Apologetics
• Dunzweiler, Soteriology
• Harding, Old Testament Poets

• MacRae,
    Pre-Reformation Church History
    Post-Reformation Church History
• Vannoy, Old Testament Prophets


     Robert J. Dunzweiler library

     Daniel E. Wonderly library
Topics include:
- What's Wrong with Evolution?
- Non-Radiometric Age Determination
- Dinosaurs, Fossils & the Bible
- The Date of Creation
- The Plain Sense of Genesis One
- How to believe in a Universal Flood

Audio Topical Lectures

About IBRI:

The Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute (IBRI) comprises Christians who are convinced of the complete reliability of the Bible.

We believe that all Christians are responsible for advancing the gospel and in removing stumbling blocks that impede non-Christians from accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

We are aware of the biblical admonition that “knowledge puffs up, but love builds up” (1 Corinthians 8.1). Nevertheless, knowledge is an essential element of the Christian faith, and learned Christians, acting with love, can have a meaningful, positive impact upon all segments of our society.

As such, our objectives are:

1.    To strengthen the Christian Church in evangelism and informed apologetics;

2.    To help faithful students of the Scriptures develop a coherent hermeneutical method that will enable them to be effective witnesses to the power of the Gospel in the academic disciplines and wider cultural contexts in which they find themselves;

3.    Toward that end, to help prepare Christian scholars who will strengthen the faculties of Christian institutions of higher education and provide a strong Christian presence in secular institutions;

4.    To prepare and distribute materials in support of the above objectives.


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You can contact IBRI by e-mail at: webmaster@ibri.org
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