church of Christ
God's Complete Word Acts 20:7
We invite you to browse and make yourself comfortable in our site's pages. In them you will see the things that we as Christians endeavor to live by. Some of the articles have been imported from solid Christians all over the World. This collection has enabled us to make use of exceptional, clear & thoughtful ways these present day disciples of Jesus Christ explain and illustrate the true word of God. You will further notice that all you read is backed up with scripture giving plenty of direction as to where to find exactly what God wants us to understand for use in pleasing Him. We encourage all to use this site as a study guide and if you would like to have a personal study just click on either of the names at the very bottom of this page or any of the other authors mentioned and simply ask. >

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Lets get acquainted! Does It Matter Which Church?
What you can expect. What is the church of Christ?
The church's mission. Simply Christians!
To capture hearts. Respect for God's authority.
What is right with the church? One church, One body.

church of Christ

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